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    You can change, activate or deactivate your profile at any time. Activation/deactivation is done by clicking the "Activate my profile" button in the upper right corner under the "Edit my profile" section. To ensure that your TANDEM works well, please indicate only the languages for which you hold a spoken level that will allow fluent conversation (level C1 Common European Framework of Reference for Languages). For the languages you are researching, we recommend a basic knowledge (level A1, better A2).

    Search TANDEMs

    The profiles that are displayed will match the language offered and the language searched that you specified when you created your own profile. If you have selected more than one language, the filter fields at the top of the page allow you to filter the profiles by language offered and searched. If you can't find a TANDEM partner that matches your search, try logging in again later.

    You have a found a profile that interests you

    When you have chosen a profile that corresponds to your requirements, click on Request a TANDEM . This action sends an automatic notification to the person indicating that you are interested in forming a TANDEM with him/her. The person can then accept or reject your request.

    Received requests

    In this section, you will find the TANDEM requests that have been sent to you and to which you can reply:

    -by accepting the request, your profile, together with your email address, will be accessible to the person and this person will be able to contact you directly in order to fix the mode, the possible place and the date of your first TANDEM meeting.

    -by refusing the request with or without justification. He/she will be notified of your rejection by email.

    Requests sent

    If the person accepts your request, you will receive an email confirmation. You can then find the person’s profile who has accepted the TANDEM in the section My TANDEMs . The email of the person will be visible and you can then contact him/her and arrange the manner, eventual location and date of your first TANDEM meeting.

    Request rejected

    Your request has been rejected. The person has decided not to make a TANDEM with you for whatever reason. His/her profile will not appear in the section My TANDEMs and you will receive a notification by email. Please search for another suitable profile.

    Account cancellation

    If you want to permanently delete your user account on please inform us by e-mail: